Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. I am over 60 years of age and have difficulty while passing urine, can you help?
  2. Having difficulty while urinating is a very common problem in this age and you need to be evaluated thoroughly. You need to book an appointment with us once you have tested yourself for:
  3. a) Ultrasound kidney, ureter and bladder with post void residual urine
  4. b) Urine Complete
  5. c) Blood Sugar Random and Fasting

d)         Serum PSA


  1. Do you have experience with laser surgery of prostate?
  2. Sure, we are dealing with LASER Prostatectomies for a long time now.

We use both diode and holmium laser


  1. Do you perform Robotic Radical Prostatectomies? I heard they are very rare?
  2. Yes, that is in fact true. We don’t deal with Robotic Radical Prostatectomies as we don’t have a robot.


  1. I was operated for prostate surgery TURP about ten years ago. Now, I have the same problem in passing urine and my PSA is 56 mg/dl.
  2. Please contact us for an appointment with fresh ultrasound, you may need to be operated for reTURP. Bone scan might also be needed after biopsy of the tissue. With that done, we will discuss further options with you.


  1. I am foreign return and happen to have a big stone in my kidney and I am concerned that PCNL is not commonly available in Pakistan. Can you help me?
  2. You have come to the correct place. We deal with regular and micro PCNL regularly. Please book an appointment so we can discuss your condition further.


  1. I am diagnosed with a 17mm stone in my left kidney and was advised lithotripsy. Can I have your opinion?
  2. Lithotripsy is a good option for you as it is known to break the stone within the kidney without any substantial kidney damage. Book an appointment with us!


  1. I am 20 years old female student and I pass stones regularly. I have passed stone 4 times in urine. But now i have severe pain in left kidney and CT shows a 9 mm stone in left lower ureter and a 10 mm stone in lower pole of left kidney. Please advise a convenient and effective surgery so I don’t miss out on too much of my studies.
  2. Thank you for your query. I will evaluate your case first and most likely I will perform Ureterorenoscopy and Lithoclast of left ureter with RIRS for left lower polar kidney stone.

Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants

  1. Do you deal with malleable and three piece penile implants?
  2. Yes we deal with placing penile implants, it’s a routine matter for us. Contact us to book an appointment!


  1. My marriage is in a couple of months and I have severe venous leak as revealed by penile Doppler. Please help!
  2. It looks like you don’t have any time to waste, hurry up and get yourself an appointment with us for a penile implant.


  1. I am married since two years and have a kid. However, I am not attracted to sex anymore. When I try to do it anyway, I cannot enjoy much due to not getting a complete erection while the morning erection is good. Please suggest something.
  2. You need to relax, it can happen to anyone. Improve your diet and try to eat healthy along with getting at least six to eight hours of sleep. Please book an appointment so that I can examine you and afterwards, I will suggest some lab tests.


  1. My sperm count is low and even after four years of marriage, I am childless. A urologist diagnosed me with varicocele and advised surgery. What do you recommend?
  2. I will have to see the report of the Doppler, along with your semen analysis. Also, I will prefer to have a medical examination before I can comment on your situation.


  1. I am diagnosed with biopsy proven case of obstructive Azoospermia. I was advised surgery, however, a friend recommended you. Do you deal with this procedure?
  2. Yes, we deal with Vasoepididymostomy on routine basis and we have a very good success rate. Please contact us for an appointment along with Johnson’s score on testicular biopsy.


  1. I am married since last eleven years and three pregnancies of my wife resulted in miscarriages. My semen analysis is normal and the tests of my wife are also normal. A gynecologist told us that it can be because of male factor. Please provide your opinion.
  2. Yes. Male factor can be involved in such cases, although it is very rare. However, DNA sperm fragmentation, stress to sperm head, and abnormal sperm shape can do that.


  1. My wife and I have been married for last two years but unable to conceive. My wife’s tests are normal, however, my semen analysis shows decreased motility of the sperm.
  2. Please book an appointment as an examination is of crucial importance in your condition.

Pediatric Urology

  1. I noticed that my 2 years old child has only one testicle, i am very confused and scared for his future. Please advise.
  2. Undescended testicles is common issue and it must be operated at the age of six month, however, it is not too late. Please book an appointment so we can first locate the testicle by using Doppler ultrasound and MRI if required. Then we will operate to bring it down.


  1. My son is 5 years old, and his hole to pass urine is not at tip of the penis. Please suggest something.
  2. It is a case of hypospadias, we first need to evaluate then we will operate. Please book an appointment!


  1. Do you deal with pediatric urological surgeries?
  2. Sure, we deal with all sort of common pediatric surgeries.


  1. My eight year old passes urine while sleep. Does he need medication?
  2. No, your child does not need medication, instead, he needs appropriate training and a one-time examination. Book an appointment with us!


  1. I am a fifty year old male and have developed blood clots in urine. I am also diagnosed as having a tumor in the bladder as shown on the CT scan. What do you recommend?
  2. I want to see your CT scan results in detail, and then I will try to remove all that growth of bladder endoscopically, without any cut. Please book an appointment to discuss further.


  1. I am twenty five years old male and I am diagnosed case of left kidney tumor. I was advised removal of the kidney but I am looking for second opinion.
  2. You have been correctly advised the removal of kidney in your condition, as kidney tumor does not respond to chemotherapy or radiation.


  1. I am male and have severe burning while passing urine since last two weeks, I have no history of sexual contact. Can you help me?
  2. Sure. Is there any sort of discharge from the urethra? You need to drink a lot of water and get yourself tested for a complete urine report then contact us for an appointment.

  1. Do you treat both males and females?
  2. Yes, we treat male patients, female patients and children.

  1. I am a Diabetic female with seven kids and experiencing urine leakage problem since last one year. What should I do?
  2. Please visit us with fresh reports of the below tests
  3. a) Urine Complete
  4. b) Serum Creatinine
  5. c) Ultrasound KUB
  6. d) HBA1C