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Dr. Fawad Nasrullah is a consultant urologist, and a specialist of male sexual health, infertility, erectile dysfunction, andrology and advanced endoscopic urology.

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Dr Fawad has twenty years of experience in medicine and surgery including fifteen years of solid post-specialization experience

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Dr. Fawad Nasrullah is registered with PMDC and strictly follows PMDC medical ethics guidelines


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    Patient Reviews

    I visited Dr fawad with my mother. She was suffering from urine infection as well she has high BP and diabetics. He is very competent and he did detailed diagnosis. He gave proper time and tell us all details about her conditions. He is humble and always available for his patients.now health of mother is improving and we are very thankful to him... We have a great experience with him.. he always take care of his patients... Highly recommended doctor... He cares for his patients at personal nodes.

    Afifa Anwar


    Impressed by his treatment of repeated urinary tract infections that my mother was facing since last 4 months and I consulted 3 urologist before consulting Dr Fawad,and every one is just prescribing Antibiotics. Dr Fawad diagnosed the cause, that was some narrowing of urinary passage, and he opened the passage in his office and show me inside of my mothers bladder with plastic endoscope in his clinic without any pain and after that he prescribed her a few medicines and now my mother is free of infection since last 2 months and her other urinary complains are also settled. So conclusion is , it’s very important to consult Dr who diagnose the root cause of diesease

    Miss Khalida

    I had trouble in my married life for which I contacted Dr. Fawad. He was absolutely professional in the treatment and now I am happily married and have two kids.

    Imran Arif

    I had penile implant done by Dr. Fawad because my married life was nill. After the procedure I am very happy and have a son now.